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The world's largest network for distributing websites and software to circumvent Internet censorship.
Over 3.1 million users as of November 2011.
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Censorware companies can stop mid-east dealings
Several blocking software companies claimed, in a Wall Street Journal article, that they have no control over how various Middle Eastern governments used their software. This claim is patently false. American censorware companies could easily cut off Middle Eastern governments from using their software; they just refuse to do it.
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Power to the Pop-ups
Why the use of pop-up ads on proxy sites may be good for proxy users, if it ensures the continued availability of proxy sites -- and why, counterintuitively, more intrusive ads may be better for users in the long run, for the same reason.
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Ultrasurf Easily Blocked, But So What?
A simple experiment shows that the popular anti-censorship program UltraSurf would be easy for countries to block with a little effort. But experience also shows that most countries aren't trying very hard to block anti-censorship tools, so UltraSurf will continue to benefit many users. We should just be aware that such programs don't have any magic powers that prevent them from being blocked.
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Yemenis Should Be Incensed at Websense
Websense, a US-based Internet-censoring software maker, claims not to sell to foreign governments that are censoring Internet access for all of their citizens. But the OpenNet Initiative reports that national ISPs in Yemen have been using Websense to filter Internet access for at least the past four years. Will Websense revoke their license as a result?
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